What to Wear!

Quite often my clients come to me with questions about what to wear for their photo session. To help everyone out I decided to make a list of my top ten tips to consider when picking out outfits for any photography session.

1. If you are doing a family session or even an engagement session make sure everyone in the photo MATCHES! Now this doesn’t mean that everyone has to wear dark blue jeans and white shirts but you can stick in the same color family. An example is if everyone wears blue jeans with different shades and styles of green shirts. You can wear exact matching outfits (like jeans and a black T-shirt) but sometimes it looks a bit cheesy.
2. Or wear natural colors to match one another (browns, tans, beige, greens and blues). I recommend staying away from bright white shirts.
3. Wear either solids or very simple prints, avoid shirts with text or “loud” prints.
4. Vertical strips are ok but horizontal stripes tend to make people look wider.
5. Don’t be afraid to layer! Wear jackets.
6. Wear fitted clothing – you don’t want baggy clothing making you appear larger than you are!
7. Keep it simple – a nice pair of jeans with a dressy top always looks good!
8. Accessorize! Sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, purses and hats can always add to the outfit.
9. Bring multiple outfits – some dressy and some casual.
10. Whatever you wear make sure you are comfortable in it! You want to be able to move around easily for your session.

Girls – don’t forget to bring headbands, pony tail holders or clips. You know your body and what your best assets are so wear something that accentuates your body type.
Guys – remember to match your lady’s outfit, if she is dressed up don’t just wear a T-shirt.